I’m Brigetta Gates

“I can help your family with Stress, Anxiety, Motivation and Goal Setting”

Helping you raise a generation of happy healthy children

Helping your Children

With the stresses of today’s world, our children are struggling with anxiety, learning disorders and other emotional challenges. Learn how I can help you and your children feel happier and calmer today.

Helping You

Children will often learn their behaviours and emotional issues from their parents/carers. Why not help yourself in order to help your children. Break the cycle and change a generation. 

You are not alone and nor should you be

“I can help your family with Stress, Anxiety, Motivation and Goal Setting”

Right now, more than ever before families are feeling anxious, stressed and tired.  If this sounds like you then welcome to the right place. Wellness expert Brigetta Gates is here to help you and your family be the best they can be. Using the latest neurological scientific tools and thinking to assist you and your children with anxiety, learning difficulties and more.

There are ways that can help all situations and conditions that are drug free and allows you to draw on your own physiology for safe, immediate and powerful outcomes using PSYCH-K® Principles and more.

Happiness, Love and Joy are a choice
Let me help you, help you.

Learning Difficulties

Children with learning difficulties need support that the schools cant give them. Why not look for alternative solutions that may help your child.

Relationship Balances

Relationships can be anything from the relationship with your children to your family and an intimate partner. Find out how you can have more meaningful loving relationships today.

Stress Management

Stress is the disease of the 21st century with everyone from children to adults suffering from this debilitating problem. Find out how you can feel less stress today.

Anxiety in Children

Anxiety in children if left untreated can potentially become a lifelong issue. Psych-K® can help your children become calmer & more at peace with life.

What Is PSYCH-K®?

  • A non-invasive, drug free, interactive process of change with a proven record of success for over 30 years!
  • A simple, yet powerful process to change subconscious beliefs that are self-limiting and self-sabotaging
  • A unique blend of various tools for change, some contemporary and some ancient, derived from contemporary neuroscience research, as well as ancient mind/body wisdom


Who Is PSYCH-K® For?

The fact is that PSYCH-K® can function differently for different people. It is truly a multi-functional, multi-disciplinary process to aid individuals in achieving their goals in life.

PSYCH-K® helps individuals to consciously and subconsciously re-perceive themselves, their circumstances, and their personal potential, in order to lead a happier and more satisfying life.



What is The Process Like?

The application of the PSYCH-K® principles, philosophy, and methodology, is applicable to achieving a wide variety of goals, depending on one’s personal desires and/or professional skill-sets.

Overall, PSYCH-K® helps individuals to consciously and subconsciously re-perceive themselves, their circumstances, and their personal potential, in order to lead a happier, healthier and more satisfying life.

Discovery Sessions

Identify an individual’s goals

Change Actions
Your road map to recovery and get real results
Balance Checks

Investing in you to reach your emotional, physical and mental health goals

About Me

I’m Brigetta, a Mum inspired by my two young boys to learn, share, laugh & love & be the best I can be to help people experience life to the fullest.

Through personal trials & tribulations I have been and continue on a journey in search of answers to the why’s and ways to help smooth out the road bumps in life.


I had Psych-K suggested by a friend. An hour with Brigetta and I felt like things had resolved at a deep, deep level. I felt much more relaxed and confident about my future in only 1 hour. Thanks soo much. Joe E (49) – Bundaberg, Qld

The more I tell her the more she helps me make things better. When I have my sessions with Brigetta I feel better & happier. It is always fun & easy. Thank you!! Braxton M (9) Sydney, NSW

I didn’t think it would help but Psych-K with Brigetta helps me feel calmer & happier after a session. It’s pretty amazing & easy & quick. Saxon M (11) Sydney, NSW

I had met Brigetta a few times but didn’t really understand what Psych-K was & was VERY skeptical. After a free discovery session I was curious so booked a session. I am so grateful for the changes I have experienced in my life. My mind is blown & I will be rebooking for some goal setting & further personal improvement. Rob M (38) Sydney, NSW

 I have worked with Brigetta on several occasions. She is one of most genuine and positive people I’ve ever met and she knows her stuff. I whole heartedly recommend working with her. Otto H (47) Berlin, Germany

I was stuck with some relationship challenges I was experiencing, and decided to book a session with Brigetta to help me with getting a different perspective. Having come across her work previously, I felt she would be able to help.

Brigetta guided me through some steps to reduce the stress I was experiencing, and helped me to explore my challenge in a more objective way. I’m very grateful for how much my session helped me to take action in my relationship for the better.

I would highly recommend Brigetta, she is very insightful, patient and incredibly passionate about what she does. Thank you!! Bhavna P (40) Brisbane, Qld

When I met Brigetta, we were talking about the cramping In my hands, she suggested Psych-K could assist in helping the situation.

Brigetta spent quality time explaining the process and was very clear on how & why doing a balance works, putting me at ease. 

We carried out the balance and straight away, my hands felt relief and the cramping reduced dramatically. I have other issues I’m curious to get results on, needless to say, I’ve purchased a bundle deal to maximise future appointments.

Brigetta made me feel at ease and relaxed, with her knowledge and understanding of what she was facilitating. 

 Overall from start to finish, it was seamless and a pleasure to work with Brigetta, I’ve already recommended her to my friends and colleagues, to help with all sorts of problems. 

Thank you Brigetta for your help, I am excited for my next appointment. Scott L (52) – Sydney, NSW

When I heard about Psych-K through Bruce Lipton, I was interested. But it’s not just about the process, it’s about finding a practitioner that you like and trust as well — that was Brigetta.
The session was very emotional for me and yet I felt very safe at the same time. We were able to uncover some hidden beliefs that I had never seen before, despite many years of working on myself. Brigetta is not just knowledgeable, but also intuitive and kind. Karen K – Adelaide, SA

Helping You Achieve Success

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We use Right and Left Side Brain thinking – Direct Communication with your Subconscious

That will Help you raise happy healthy children & adults.

Discovery Sessions – identify an individual’s goals

Change Actions – your road map to recovery and get real results

Balance Checks – Investing in you to reach your emotional, physical and mental health goals

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